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iPhone 5 Stealth Case Has A Hidden Storage Compartment

iPhone 5 Stealth Case Has A Hidden Storage Compartment

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

When it comes to iPhone cases, we sometimes cover the ridiculous, the useful and of course the utterly mad ones. However, today I thought I’d look into one that might possibly keep your cash, credit cards and house key safe from being lost or stolen. Sure, nothing is completely safe when it comes to your smartphone, we all know that. Anyone could snatch that personal hub of yours out of your hands and run, leaving you with pretty much nothing other than a sad face. But if you are one of those people who always knows how to keep your smartphone safe, this iPhone 5 case could possibly be the one case you have been looking for for so long. It’s pretty much an iPhone 5 stealth case which will come in mighty handy when you want to hide your most private possessions.

I have decided to call it a stealth case just because of the simple fact that when it is “closed,” there will be no one in the world who will spot that you actually have a hidden compartment right there in your iPhone 5 case. That’s the genius part of the case really. It slides open at the back of the phone and enables you to stick money, credit card(s) or even your house key into it for safe keeping.

Just because this stealth case has a hidden compartment, don’t go thinking you will be able to put anything in there. You won’t be able to fit your entire keychain, your books or even a folded letter into it (I think). It’s merely for your most valuable things. This stealth case is great when you’re out clubbing and don’t want to bring your entire wallet or purse with you (yeah, as if you ladies would ever leave your purses or handbags at home, right?). This stealth case is called the Holda Case, and it’s made available by Annex Products, but at current time it’s unfortunately sold out. I would expect it to come back into stock quite soon though, as it seems to be a quite popular iPhone 5 accessory.

Annex Products’ Holda iPhone 5 Stealth Case

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