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Interactive Light Book Prototype Presented By Disney

Interactive Light Book Prototype Presented By Disney

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

The use of augmented reality has become a huge factor when innovators and developers try to create new and groundbreaking interactive features. It doesn’t have to be housed in a smartphone, but as we know, this is usually the case. Some of this technology has been utilized in other applications since it was first introduced to the world. Even Disney is looking into this technology and is currently working on an interactive light book.

The project managed over at Disney Research is all about refining their interactive light book technology which could very well become one of the most significant steps in order to make books more interactive. Their advanced algorithms can do everything from tracking to adjusting virtual objects according to what physical objects are put in front of the projector. This basically means that any surface (in this case a light book) can become the storyboard for epic adventures.

By projecting this animated content on any surface, no matter from what angle or position, the virtual content is accurately scaled and angled to the user’s viewpoint. It’s an amazing interactive light technology that with a bit of refinement and faster processing power could mean big bucks for Disney. The learning process when using one of these books is more than optimized, which means children will have an easier way to follow and learn from the stories compared to conventional books.

So far, the interactive light book is just a prototype project, but it could come to play a major part in our lives before long. When looking at the video which presents this prototype technology, it is easy to be impressed. If this device, the projector, can be shrunk into a smaller version, it could potentially make a pretty cool addition to our smartphones. Imagine having your own virtual augmented reality projector in your smartphone. That could be the very next step from online content and the presentation if it in our real world. The second step would be to migrate this technology into true holograms. But for now, I think we’re all satisfied with a little more advanced augmented reality and the awesomeness of having an epic interactive light book in our smartphones.

Disney Research’s Interactive Light Book





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