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Interactive Digital Art All About Fun Facial Expressions

Interactive Digital Art All About Fun Facial Expressions

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Almost a year ago, I wrote about how to get a smile full of LEDs and turn your teeth into a cyborg. That little invention, which went viral and made it all the way to the New York Times, was pretty neat. Even though it was a little disturbing, kids all over Japan were running around with their mobile devices which they used to wirelessly control the flashing bright lights in their mouths.

One of the inventors of that creation was Daito Manabe, who is up to it again with some creative, fun and very entertaining interactive digital art that revolves around the human face. To create this, Daito, and his friend Zachary Liberman, who both like to use technology in playful ways, started with FaceTracker. FaceTracker is a real time generic non-rigid face alignment system. They added a bunch of code, some mathematical algorithms, Kinect and a dash of geeky fun to create Face Projection. In other words, they elaborated on the original program to make it interactive and alter the facial shapes themselves.

Since FaceTracker is completely intuitive, no training is required. This isn’t the only cool thing it can be used for, and I think the options are really limitless. It is free, but it’s only available for research purposes. You can get information on how to download it on the website link above.

Human Face And Expression Art

Human Face And Expression Art

Human Face And Expression Art

Human Face And Expression Art

Via: [Design Boom]

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