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Intellicase Turns Your Smartphone Into A Digital Key Fob

Intellicase Turns Your Smartphone Into A Digital Key Fob

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Now that we have pretty much everything incorporated into our smartphones, why not add the last bits and bolts as well, right? We know that NFC (Near Field Communication) will probably soon be incorporated into all phones. We also know that we are able to use our smartphones as a mouse, gesture controller and of course a gaming device. We can even open doors with them. Now we need to put our cars into the mix as well, and that is exactly what the Intellicase does.

Once again necessity has created a product that might just become useful. Let me start by asking you a couple of questions. How many times have you lost your keys? Or, how many times have you had to go through that bag of yours in search of your car keys? Quite a few, right? Sure, the keys show up sooner or later, but that’s not the point. The point is that you are always looking for them. It’s time lost, and considering we now have car fobs to save us time, it’s not a very time optimized endeavor to search for them in order to open our cars. Am I right?

Matthew Colan from Omaha, an entrepreneur and inventor, decided enough was enough. He set out to create a smartphone case that would solve this problem once and for all. The idea was to put the car key fob into a smartphone case. Since you always know where your smartphone is, or rather, you pretty much never let it out of your sight, it would be a good thing to have it incorporated into the case. That is exactly what the Intellicase is all about.

With the Intellicase, you will never have to search to find your keys. They are always there in your hand, and when you approach your car, you can easily unlock the doors even when you’re on the phone. The Intellicase is a startup project looking for funding. In order to finalize the project and secure orders, they are looking to raise $175,000. With 19 days to go, the project has managed to raise just a bit over $4,300. Whether it will be successful or not is entirely up to the public’s demand. Is this something for you? If it is, don’t hesitate about hopping over to the Intellicase Kickstarter project page and pledging. $99.00 will get you an Intellicase if the funding is successful. The Intellicase product will retail for $150.00 when it’s made available.

Intellicase – Car Key Fob Smartphone Case






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