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Phone Glove: Inspector Gadget’s Thumb & Pinky Phone Realized

Phone Glove: Inspector Gadget’s Thumb & Pinky Phone Realized

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Usually new things here at Bit Rebels come from futuristic movies and series like Star Trek and Star Wars, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes a new technology can be spawned from something as insane as an animated movie as well. Even though it might look weird and not fit in with the way we do things, sometimes a gadget just has to be made. That’s exactly the case with the phone glove spawned from the epic devices of Inspector Gadget.

The phone glove is an innovation from the ingenious mind of Sean Miles, the director of prototyping for Windsor-based company Designworks. You might think it would be a somewhat straightforward task to incorporate a phone into a glove, but it’s not quite that easy. To make it look like a real glove, yet include all the ordinary features of an old school cell phone, it takes both skill and dedication.

The phone glove was, according to BBC, a project meant for O2 Recycling, a corporation that pushes for sustainability by encouraging consumers to recycle their gadgets and devices for cash.

There are no groundbreaking features incorporated into the phone glove, but the glove can be charged using a USB connection. Once the phone glove is charged, it works completely wirelessly and can be used just like a normal cellphone. As you might understand, future production of the glove is unsure since there might not be a big market for such a gadget. The project was more meant to bring life to yet another gadget that we have just seen on the silver screen. Think of it as a “because we can” kind of project.

Sean is no stranger to realizing quirky and odd gadgets since he was the inventor of the Internet sensation Smartphone Shoe a while back. What Sean will come up with after this phone glove is for anyone to speculate. We here at Bit Rebels are sure that it will be as epic and quirky as any of his previous realizations.

Sean Miles’ Inspector Gadget Phone Glove







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