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Innovative Gesture Camera App To Make Mobile Photography Easier

Innovative Gesture Camera App To Make Mobile Photography Easier

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Tell me, what is your favorite camera app and what features does it have that makes it invaluable to you? It should be said, there are literally hundreds of camera apps out there and pretty much every single one has had its run on app stores around the world. But why is it that every app is doing the same thing? Where is the innovation? As I was looking for upcoming camera apps I found Gestures, an intuitive innovative app which will simplify mobile technology.

Gestures is brought to reality by Kevin Reddy, Sung Kim and their team, and it is going to be a truly interesting app to check out. Mashing Apple’s flawless design with intuitive and innovative features will probably make this camera app one of App Store’s most popular apps at some point. The interface is minimalistic, and that is what we want. We don’t care about bulky interfaces when we’re taking photos we want to see the photo itself, right?

The Gestures app will incorporate a string of innovative features, like instant touch photo snapping and pinch gallery browsing, just to name a couple. That is exactly why the whole interface is so intuitive that it doesn’t matter where you are from, it comes natural to zoom into a gallery to see photos in actual size.

Unfortunately, the Gestures camera app is not yet ready for the App Store. The founders and the team behind it are looking to crowdfund the remaining development and marketing of the app. They have turned to Kickstarter to see if its community will feel the excitement to pledge the $10,000 necessary to bring the Gestures camera app to market.

So far, with over 26 days to go, the campaign has raised a little north of $2,000, which tells us that it is definitely not impossible for these guys to have a successful Kickstarter campaign on their hands when it has had its run. If you want a better, more intuitive camera app for your smartphone make sure you pledge and follow its development.  We think this camera app is about to become a best seller.

Gestures – Innovative Minimalistic Camera App

Gestures Innovative Camera App

Gestures Innovative Camera App

Gestures Innovative Camera App

Gestures Innovative Camera App

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