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Don’t Snoop Me Bro Tunnel: Startup That Promises Real Online Privacy

Don’t Snoop Me Bro Tunnel: Startup That Promises Real Online Privacy

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

When we hear about governments hijacking social networking services to keep track of its citizens, we all get worried. How much privacy do we really have, and when does the constant surveillance become too intruding? I think for most people, any kind of snooping without the individual’s consent is intruding enough to make us feel uncomfortable. But as always, there are companies out there that are doing everything they can to rectify this by heavily increasing our online privacy.

A new little gadget called “Don’t Snoop Me Bro Tunnel” (DSMB) promises complete online privacy with the switch of a key. It’s a really interesting little gadget that completely camouflages your online presence. We have all became aware of the intrusive actions that the American government (and I am sure others too) kept under wraps for so long. It brought one question into our minds, and that was, “How private is my presence online?”

Without the DSMB box, keeping your online session private and incognito is an endeavor that takes hours of research, a truck load of applied settings and a number of complicated encryptions, and that’s just to even come close to a private session online. There is not much privacy online anymore and we all know it, but should we just let it be that way or are we actually going to do something about it?

The DSMB is an out of the box plug-and-play technology that lets you connect it to the computer and then indulge in complete online privacy. All it takes is to switch the key, and you’re ready to roll. The company behind this innovative box is looking to crowdfund the project. They are using IndieGoGo to raise the $65,000 it will take to finalize the product, package it and bring it to the masses. The first 150 to pledge $130.00 will receive this online privacy enforcer around February 2014. If you want to stay completely incognito when browsing the web, this is the gadget to look at.

Don’t Snoop Me Bro – Complete Online Privacy

Complete Online Privacy Box

 Complete Online Privacy Box

Complete Online Privacy BoxComplete Online Privacy Box

Complete Online Privacy Box

Complete Online Privacy Box

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