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Impulse Case Adds Insane Speakers To Your iPhone 6

Impulse Case Adds Insane Speakers To Your iPhone 6

2 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Have you ever wished you could crank the volume up to “insanely loud” on your iPhone? Well, that wish might just now become a wish granted with the awesome Impulse case for the iPhone 6. It’s something out of the ordinary and packs a punch that I am unsure whether any other speaker case are able to. The madness becomes real when you look at what features the case really adds to your smartphone when equipped.

The creators, Michael Ward and Yoann Lechopier, has an exceptional eye for something that might just tickle the eyes and ears of kids and audiophiles all over the globe. The downside with speaker cases for smartphones has always been that they drain the battery quite fast and still does not crank out the sound at a satisfying level. The team has solved that by incorporating batteries for the sound “system” into the Impulse case itself. Furthermore, charging said batteries is as simple as charging the phone itself as it’s done simultaneously through the speaker jack.

The Impulse case is currently a prototype and has been developed through 3D printing and fine-tuned electronics. The case itself holds audio circuits, speakers and rechargeable batteries. The case also opens up to a few customizations and I am sure, if the financial means are made available, the Impulse case will become even more customizable in time for the release.

The idea for the Impulse case was born back in 2013 and since then the project has gone through a multitude of phases leading up to the final design. The team behind the Impulse case is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the necessary money to manufacture the case and make it available to the masses. With 9 days left, the success of the campaign seems (sadly) far away. But a lot can happen in 9 days so we here at Bit Rebels would like to suggest that you pop over to their IndieGoGo page and have a closer look at their creation and all the specs, they are quite impressive. By the time your done reading, we are pretty sure you want to pre-order one by pledging and make the Impulse case a reality.

Impulse Case – Turn Your iPhone 6 Into A Boombox

Impulse Case iPhone 6

Impulse Case iPhone 6

Impulse Case iPhone 6

Impulse Case iPhone 6

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