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iHome Stereo Boombox: Go Retro With Your iPhone

iHome Stereo Boombox: Go Retro With Your iPhone

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Most of you know that I love writing about new gadgets, especially when they are retro and cool. There is a lot of stuff being launched onto the market every day, and unfortunately, it is impossible to cover it all. You have to somewhat pick out the new and cool if you will. Usually people send us a lot of new gadgets and apps to check out, and that helps us to choose the best stuff to write about. It also shows us which people are the most dedicated, and which ones truly make their products to fit the user and not to fit their own wallets. If the item is innovative, good looking and well maintained, such a product is pretty much a sure bet for success.

Take this new and quite interesting iPhone dock for example. It’s way more unique than some of the pale products being introduced to us. I mean, when your only objective is to make something that looks like it was made by Apple, you might as well stop at the thought of it. It’s the new and cool that you really want to create. The most successful ones are things that will set our accessory collection apart from everything else.

This new iPhone dock called iHome Stereo Boombox (the name alone is badass, don’t you think?) is your next home wrecker for sure. Not only is it uni-colored, but it looks as retro as anything could. Plunk down that one in your apartment, and it will steal all the spotlight available. It’s just destined to spark a conversation. Slip that iPhone of yours into the dock and crank the volume up. Let the neighbors know you are sporting the latest and greatest in retro technology. Bring on the party!

Get your own mojo maker from UrbanOutfitters for the aerodynamic price of just $199.00. It will be the retroest buy of the year. It would also make an epic Christmas present to yourself if you haven’t been a good boy or girl so you’re not eligible for any gifts from Santa. Just saying!

iHome iPhone Retro Boombox Dock

iHome iPhone Retro Boombox Dock

iHome iPhone Retro Boombox Dock

iHome iPhone Retro Boombox Dock

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