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Hyetis Crossbow: World’s First 41 Megapixel Camera Watch

Hyetis Crossbow: World’s First 41 Megapixel Camera Watch

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Everyone is talking about what a revolution smartwatches will create when they’re finally released. There are of course a couple on the market already, the Pebble watch is one of them and the inWatch is another, but they are supposedly nothing compared to what is about to be unleashed. While everyone is all into smartwatches and their apps, there are innovators who are putting stuff into watches that you wouldn’t believe. Have a look at this camera watch for example.

While the iPhone 5 sports an 8 megapixel camera and Samsung’s Galaxy 4S sports a 13 megapixel camera, they are still quite redundant to what the Hyetis Crossbow watch is equipped with. At the risk of upsetting all smartphone owners, I am just going to blurt it out that this watch will dwarf the specs on your smartphone camera with its 41 megapixel resolution.

Some of our readers probably just had a heart attack while reading that, and it’s with good reason. This camera watch has some tricks up its sleeve that could rival most smartphones. The Hyetis Crossbow camera watch could actually be used as an accessory since the watch has the possibility to sync up with iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8, which further gives it a value that most smartwatches don’t even have yet. But I’m not done yet – this camera watch even has built-in noise canceling microphone, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and on top of that, a biometric sensor which sets it apart from all the other smartwatches and smartphones out there.

If you are a tech lover, this watch is just what you need to save up for (because chances are you will most likely have to). Its projected price is said to be well over $1,000, which by all means is not too much for all of the features incorporated into it. Compared to a smartphone, it might just be a little too heavy, but for a gadget fanatic, this camera watch is a must have.

 Hyetis Crossbow – 41 Megapixel Camera Watch

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