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Personal Submarine Turns Our Oceans Into Underwater Highways

Personal Submarine Turns Our Oceans Into Underwater Highways

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Transportation has always been an accident waiting to happen. Not so much transportation per say since the technology makes us safer each day that passes by, but when it comes to the congestion of our roads and rails, things are going from bad to worse. Innovators have started to think up new concept ideas around transportation that will free up the roads and make moving from A to B a little less annoying. This personal submarine could be a solution the world needs.

The Ego, as it is called, is not a personal submarine defined, but it is a hybrid concept between a boat and a submarine that could make our travels in and on water a little bit more interesting. The innovation comes from Korean design firm Raonhaje and is a pretty neat and interesting take on how we could utilize water to gain a more soothing travel experience.

The personal submarine boat has a nifty little added pod underneath it that enables travelers to sit below the water and gaze upon the amazing wildlife that is swimming around underneath the surface on which you are traveling across. Look at it as a form of optimized traveling education. While you travel from A to B in this personal submarine boat, you will learn everything about the waters around you. That is definitely going to put a whole new perspective into your way of looking at the oceans, lakes and watery holes around where you live.

It is powered by 12 8-volt marine batteries that will give you about 4 to 8 hours of pleasant sea exploration. This personal submarine boat will not engage in any kind of speed boat chases anytime soon though. The batteries and the pod underneath the boat prevent any kind of speeding at all. Just to make it clear, the submarine boat (prototype) is not yet a real product, even though I am sure we all want one. Once this concept gets the green light, things could definitely become a whole lot more exciting when we’re traveling by water.

Raonhaje’s Hybrid Personal Submarine Boat







Via: [HiConsumption]

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