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How To: Twitter & Ride Your Bike At The Same Time

How To: Twitter & Ride Your Bike At The Same Time

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I ride my bike a lot; it’s my primary source of exercise. If I had the time, I’d ride my bike all day everyday, I love it that much. As I’ve written many times before, the only thing that could make my bike riding experience better would be if I could tweet and ride at the same time. Right now, if I want to check Twitter when I’m biking, I have to stop my bike, pull my iPhone out of my pocket, read my tweets, and then get back on my bike. It’s a tedious process, and even though I created a small cover which allows me to read my iPhone even in direct sunlight, it’s still very inconvenient at times.

A few weeks ago a new app was released called Tweet Speaker. I wrote about it in Tweet Speaker: Create A Live Podcast Of Your Tweets. It’s basically an app that will read our tweets to us. It’s even programmed with Twitter language so there won’t be any awkwardness when it reads retweet and words like that. What you see below is a product called the Horn Bike. It’s an eco-friendly iPhone 4 bicycle amplifier and mount. It fits all bikes and can be set at any angle. This device increases the sound coming out of your iPhone by 13 decibels. It allows you to listen to music, use your GPS (listen to directions), and do anything else on your iPhone that requires sound while riding your bike.

While trying to figure out how to Twitter while riding my bike, I had the idea to combine the Tweet Speaker app and this Horn Bike. Now I’ll be able to have my tweets read outloud to me as they come in, while I’m scooting all over downtown on my bike. I’m all over this, and I can’t wait to try it out! Something tells me my iPhone would be better in this mount instead of my pocket while I’m riding my bike anyway. Now if I could just figure out how to type while I’m riding my bike, I’d be all set! :)

Twitter and Ride Your Bike

Twitter and Ride Your Bike

Twitter and Ride Your Bike

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