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How To: Take High Quality, Irresistible Photos For Your Online Store

How To: Take High Quality, Irresistible Photos For Your Online Store

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

As we all know by now, photos are very important to include in all blog posts and online presentations. It’s a ‘visual web’ so to speak, and people have come to expect quality images. What I mean by that is your articles and other online presentations will be shared more, and they’ll invite more engagement, when they include high quality images. You can read more about this in How Images Affect The Success Of Your Blog. In your online store, it is even more critical to include irresistible images.

Whether your online store is on Etsy, eBay or another site, you want your products to stand out. Regardless of how fabulous your products are IRL, if they don’t convey that same feeling online, you won’t be able to sell as much of them as you’d like. Also, if you take high quality photos of the products in your online store, there will be more of a chance that blogs will write about your products. That is the kind of free online (sometimes viral) promotion most online sellers struggle to get.

This well-done video tutorial can help you with the photographs you post in your online store. It was created for Etsy by Jessica Marquez. The tips are basic, and perfect for beginners or amateur photographers. You can read the corresponding blog post for this video on Etsy’s blog at Product Photography For Beginners.

One of the best tips she gives is to take a lot of photographs. That way, you have a ton to choose from. That is great photography advice for any situation. Depending on the lighting and other factors, you may notice each photo looks slightly different. By taking a whole bunch of them, you’ll surely be able to find one you like. Good luck!

How To: Take Irresistible Photos For Your Online Store






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