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How To Set Up A Slow Motion Photo Booth For Your Next Event

How To Set Up A Slow Motion Photo Booth For Your Next Event

3 Years Ago By Diana Adams

If you are a fan of Vimeo, you’ve probably seen the slow motion photo booth video (from a wedding reception), which went viral a few weeks ago. If you didn’t see that, it’s definitely worth checking out. You can click over to Quang + Ellie: Slow Motion Booth to watch it. In response to the over 300 comments on that original video, the creators, Super Frog Saves Tokyo (SFST), just posted a tutorial for how to create your own slow motion photo booth.

Before I even get into this, I want to acknowledge that most people don’t have a super fancy, expensive camera like what they used. They have promised to post another video for how you can create a slow motion photo booth on a budget.

When you look at the original video (linked above), you can see and “feel” the impact the slow motion effect adds. It takes the video to a whole new level of quality and fun. I never realized how much of a difference that could make, especially when you add ‘throwable’ stuff like confetti and glitter. According to PetaPixel:

“They used a RED Epic worth some 40K, an 18-50mm RED lens, four Konova 900 LED lights and a white background. As you can see, you have two side lights, two key lights, and the camera in the middle. That’s it. From then on the challenge becomes getting your “talent” out of their shells (an open bar helps).”

We’ll keep an eye out for the next video, which like I mentioned, will be about how to do this on a budget (not everyone has access to a $40,000 camera). That is supposed to come out next week. As far as the actual set up goes, this doesn’t look that difficult. It’s definitely something worth playing around with!

How To Set Up A Slow Motion Photo Booth For Your Next Event



Via: [PetaPixel] [SLR Lounge]

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Hawaii Photo Booth

September 17th, 2013

Thanks for the tutorial…. now if only that RED camera weren’t so expensive! You guys are awesome – keep the great posts flowing.


Ignite Images

September 18th, 2013

If you are on a ‘budget’ I believe one of the Sony cameras can do this although the length of clips isn’t long (depends on the resolution).


Ottawa Photo Booth Rental

January 17th, 2017

This is really good information, Sad though that it was shot with an Epic red and 4x 700$ lights.
I mean, Sad for people on a budget who want to achieve the same results, but clearly really great results! I’m hoping to offer similar service in the next few months but shot with a GoPro. I’m hoping that with great lighting, I’ll be getting similar results…. but knowing that this was shot with an Epic Red… kinda hurts.


Thanks for sharing.


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