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How Images Affect The Success Of Your Blog [Infographic]

How Images Affect The Success Of Your Blog [Infographic]

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

When you’ve been writing multiple articles every day, seven days a week, for three years straight, like Richard and I have for Bit Rebels, you learn a lot of things along the way through trial and error. Some things are a little tricky, like learning effective SEO, and other things are easy, like learning to keep titles relatively short so there is room for retweets on Twitter.

If I were to make a list of all the things we’ve learned between the summer of 2009 and now, it would probably be so long that it could stretch around the moon a few times. We will never stop learning and growing every day. One simple thing we learned early on is the power of images in our articles.

People everywhere online are so visual these days, and putting a high quality image (or several of them) in your articles will increase the overall quality of your whole article. If you are careful about the type of images you choose and the size, and if you optimize each one, well, then you will be light years ahead of a lot of people who have blogs.

I have personally trained every one of our super talented guest writers, and they all know that one rule we have here at Bit Rebels is that every article must have at least two images (a header image and an image in the body of the article). I am a big fan of images, and I usually use more of them than most people. I spend about twice as long each day on the images for every article I write than I do on the actual text. I was so happy when I saw this infographic by MDG Advertising called It’s All About The Images because it’s the first one I’ve seen that goes into this in detail. This well put together infographic will give you a little insight about why images are so important in today’s Internet ecosystem.

So, the next time you write the text for an article, and you think it’s not worth the extra time to go find some images to add, think again. Besides, a few years ago it was a challenge to find good pictures without having to pay for them. These days though, that has all changed. Now there are tons of free stock photography sites out there that only ask that you give them an image credit link in return. Now there is nothing holding you back from spicing up your blog with some super sweet geeky pictures!

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Karen McLain

February 25th, 2013

Excellent article! Even thought my business is completely visual, I have found that by making short multimedia video’s with a time lapse creation of a painting, my hits have really increased. One example here: Painting wild horses from life and sharing the insight into their life with video is captivating viewers interest and increasing sales.

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