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High Tech Translator Pen Could Revolutionize Reading & Writing

High Tech Translator Pen Could Revolutionize Reading & Writing

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

When I went to school, there were no gadgets that could instantly translate spoken words or text into other languages. Even though I am not that old, it’s quite a new concept and one that is being heavily developed at the moment. Back in the day, we had to use a dictionary in order to get the words we wanted to translate. It was a tedious and boring endeavor that usually took a lot of energy out of us. New technologies break ground every day, and the translator pen is one of the more advanced gadgets.

When I look at this translator pen, called Ivy Guide, I am mesmerized by its clever execution and innovation. By adding a laser projected display to the pen, you will always be able to instantly see what the word you underline (for example) means. It’s not exactly a translator pen, but it’s a pen accessory that you can put on whatever pen you are using. The designers (Shi Jian, Sun Jiahao & Li Ke) seem to have come up with something truly clever, and something that will certainly become every student’s primary accessory.

The translator pen is super small, and it is even rechargeable through your USB. This means that whenever you run low on batteries, you can easily just plug it into your computer and recharge it again. It even adjusts to your pen so you will always know that you will be able to use your favorite pen. Sometimes things don’t have to be complex in order to stand out as one of the most useful gadgets anyone could have if you love writing and learning.

This translator pen is especially perfect now that the world is slowly becoming one big union and people are increasingly crossing borders to learn the cultures and languages of other countries. With technology moving forward in an ever faster pace, a pen like this could potentially hold every language there is when memories get small enough to fit inside its outer shell.

High Tech Translator Pen Accessory







Via: [Yanko Design]

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