Hello Kitty Vintage POP Phone For Your Smartphone

How do you accessorize your smartphone? Some people settle with just a case, skin or a little mascot of some kind hanging on a thread from their phones, and others take their accessorizing a lot further. To those people, the ordinary and sometimes boring ways we accessorize our smartphones don’t really cut it, and they go to great lengths in order to geek out their phone. Many times even bulkiness doesn’t really matter anymore. The Hello Kitty vintage POP phone is one of those accessories. It is vintage, but we all know what comes with that, right? Yup, it will take you a small hockey trunk just to haul this piece of technology along with you.

It is simply a retro handheld phone which connects to your smartphone and enables the retro feeling to shower over you with its awesomeness. That is if you happen to be a specifically hardcore fan of Hello Kitty, or if you just like the color pink. There are similar smartphone accessories for people who are not particularly interested in carrying around a Hello Kitty one. I wrote about them about 5 months ago and people seemed to really like them.

Is this something for you? Are you prepared to spend the money for it and then shove it into a new bag just to lug this piece of retro technology with you wherever you go? If you are, then head over to Native Union to order you very own Hello Kitty POP phone. They are priced at just under $40 and comes in black, white and pink. And, if you’re wondering why I referred to my other article to get a black one, it’s because even if you pick a black Hello Kitty POP phone, it will still have elements of pink on it. For all you hardcore fans of Hello Kitty, let the geekiness begin!

Hello Kitty Vintage POP Phones





Via: [Gizmodiva]


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