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HandyNES: Commissioned Portable Nintendo NES Is Amazing

HandyNES: Commissioned Portable Nintendo NES Is Amazing

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

We love custom builds here at Bit Rebels, and we take every opportunity we get to feature stuff that is on the brink of genius. Sometimes we even come across golden nuggets that border the insanely great. This commissioned portable Nintendo NES called HandyNES is one such build. I can’t seem to correctly express my admiration and awe for how brilliant this build is and how much I wish this was a mass produced product that you could actually get your hands on.

Even though this is a commissioned HandyNES you can still get one, but it won’t be cheap, and it won’t be fast we take it as they are not mass produced. We’ll just have to wait and see how fast these are made. It is YouTuber lovablechevy who was commissioned to build this portable Nintendo NES for a client that wanted to be able to comfortably play his NES games on a handheld. Said and done! LovableChevy set out on this quite advanced mission but managed to deliver something beyond, and from what I can see, even beyond the client’s wildest dreams.

To be able to fit everything in such a neat case is remarkable to start with. Add to that, the advanced reverse engineering that must have gone into bundling the technology into as small of an area as possible. Not exactly something that is done overnight. As you can see, I am just in awe of how beautifully presented this is, and how you can actually use the original cartridges with this portable Nintendo NES.

That’s just it you can use the ORIGINAL CARTRIDGES in the actual portable Nintendo NES. Now, that is something that even the most hardcore Nintendo fans would drool for even though they will just have a peek at this beautiful build. As said, even though this is a commissioned portable Nintendo NES you can still get one for yourself. However, they are not cheap! For the original portable Nintendo NES, you will have to cough up $550, and only serious buyers are welcome. Well, I need it!

LovableChevy’s HandyNES Portable Nintendo NES

HandyNES Portable Nintendo NES

HandyNES Portable Nintendo NES

HandyNES Portable Nintendo NES

HandyNES Portable Nintendo NES

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