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Hacked: The Average Cost Of Being Hacked [Infographic]

Hacked: The Average Cost Of Being Hacked [Infographic]

6 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Even though the Internet is probably one of the most profound inventions ever created, there are still negative effects with the whole “live online” kind of approach the world is trying to pull us towards. What I am talking about is of course the high risk of being hacked. This ultimately violating and disgusting feeling of completely losing control of something that you have sometimes spent years building up only to only have it lost in a short couple of seconds is probably one of the worst experiences you can think of. Yet, we are doing very little to prevent it from happening. Most people don’t take the proper precautions to secure their stuff even though it could be done with just a few simple steps that would probably not take more than 15 minutes each month.

Do you even know the average cost of each person being hacked? It will surprise you to know that it’s around $128. However, don’t let this number fool you into believing that is the only cost because if your bank account is hacked, the perpetrator will take all your money and not just $128.

KGB People put together an infographic that even made me start thinking about the precautions I could take in order to further secure my stuff. As a matter of fact, I will be going on a hunt for information about everything security related to see if I can further make it virtually impossible for someone to mess with my ones and zeros. Always know though that you can never be completely sure someone can’t hack your accounts. There are new approaches being thought up daily, and there will never be a limit to what hackers are willing to do to get to your stuff. Take the appropriate measures that are suggested, and you will find that even though the chance of being hacked is always there, you have at least virtually made it impossible.

Average Cost Of Being Hacked

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