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Guy Hacks Calculator To Play Game Boy Games

Guy Hacks Calculator To Play Game Boy Games

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I can’t express how impressed I am with people that take retro game consoles and modify them into something that is utterly insane. Some even build a handheld console straight from scratch. This article is going to deal with something I think most of us want or wanted when we were bored in math class. It is definitely a gamer’s dream come true, and the cool thing about this build is that it allows you to play Game Boy games incognito.

So what the heck am I talking about? Well, if you read the title (which I am sure most of you did) you know that I am talking about a guy who masterly hacked a Calculator, a Ti-83 SP calculator to be exact so that it can play Game Boy games. Yes, it’s one of those outstanding hacks that you just have to see to believe. Turn down the volume on this badboy and no one will be able to spot what you are doing. Your teacher will just think you’re insanely into your math and probably give you an A for dedication.

It is YouTuber zeldaxpro that undertook this project and used a Game Boy Advanced SP and modified its interior so that it fit the Ti-83 SP calculator case. It is one of the most incognito builds I have seen so far, and when the cover is turned around and slid into place in the back, it’s almost impossible to spot that it is a hacked calculator that you can actually play Game Boy games on. You can of course play any previous Game Boy games on this it and the builder shows that in this video demonstrating the incredible build.

The only real features that could tell the hacked calculator as being something that it shouldn’t be is the lid when slid on in the back, the LED on/off light at the very bottom edge of the calculator, the charging port (also located at the bottom edge) and a volume adjuster on the side of the calculator. But these features are never seen if you are holding the Game Boy calculator in your hands. It is the ultimate gamer accessory, and it is definitely one that will keep you from getting bored during that dreaded math lesson. However, never forget that knowledge is power, so if you want to get a good job when you grow up, make sure you pay attention in school. There is more than enough time for you to catch up on gaming once you have found yourself a good job and a steady income.

Hacked Ti-83 Calculator That Now Play Game Boy Games

Calculator Game Boy Games

Calculator Game Boy Games

Calculator Game Boy Games

Calculator Game Boy Games

Calculator Game Boy Games

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