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Guy Builds Incredible Portable N64 For Comfortable Gaming Anywhere

Guy Builds Incredible Portable N64 For Comfortable Gaming Anywhere

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I have always been fascinated by custom builds, especially when they are all about gaming. Whether it is a desktop computer or a complete recycle of a gadget into something new, doesn’t really matter. I can’t help but surf through the Internet daily looking for cool builds to feature here at Bit Rebels, (even though we do prefer you, our readers send them to us),  like this portable N64 build I am about to show you.  Portable stuff is always awesome!

A guy calling himself IncredibleMrZ on YouTube has uploaded what could very well be the most portable N64 ever built.  Although it is not compact, I am impressed on how professional the case looks and also how he has managed to implement pretty much every feature you could possibly want. The N64, as some of you may know, is the slightly lesser popular Nintendo console from the company that gave us a geeky childhood.

While the Nintendo NES (1983) has sold almost 63 million units, the N64 (1996) has sold about half of that with its close to 33 million units sold. It was bulky, and if I may express my own humble opinion, it was kind of ugly compared to the NES console. Lugging around the N64 was no fun and that is why I think that this portable N64 build is such an awesome idea.

Not only is it an eye-pleaser but it is also has some cool features. The screen on it even has contrast and brightness controls on the side, which definitely come in handy when you want to use it under different lighting conditions. There is just one small detail that might actually chip away a little on its portability. It doesn’t run on batteries, and that is a huge minus if you ask me.

Even though it is compact and created to fit on your lap, the power cord needs to be connected to the portable N64 in order to function.  However, the very last thing the creator says on the video is that he might add batteries to it in order to make it into a completely portable N64 console. That, in our opinion, is the only thing that could make it even better

Impressive Customized Portable N64 Build

Custom Portable N64 Build

Custom Portable N64 Build

Custom Portable N64 Build

Custom Portable N64 Build

Custom Portable N64 Build

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