GPS Cane Makes Growing Older A Digital Endeavor

If you worry about growing old because you think your physical and mental health might end up getting you into trouble in the real world, you should stop worrying. Technology is on the way to secure even the simplest tasks so that when we grow old, we won’t have to worry about anything. The great thing about technology isn’t that it optimizes things, but that it helps us to live a more carefree life. One of these new gadget ideas is the GPS cane dubbed The Aid.

The GPS cane is a brainchild of Lithuanian concept designer Egle Ugintaite and could come to change the life of millions of elderly and sick people. It might not be the easiest of tasks to understand the groundbreaking features this GPS cane has incorporated into it at first glance, but there are many and they are cool. Not only will the GPS cane make sure you always find your way to wherever you are going, it also has some pretty impressive emergency features that will definitely serve us well when we get older.

I think we have all heard about elderly people falling and injuring themselves without the ability to call for help. This cane will solve that problem in a very optimized way. Built into this cane is a complex system that will alert nearby emergency personnel and supply them with not only the location of the user, but also with information about what might have happened. A quick response is usually the difference between life and death when it comes to elderly people injuring themselves, so this concept will definitely help save lives.

This GPS cane also records and distributes health reports to personal doctors and physicians if the user suffers any injuries or problems. The cane uses 3G WIFI to transmit the information, and it is of course also equipped with a GPS device to make sure the user can easily navigate streets if his or her memory isn’t that good. The GPS cane was developed in order to allow more independence for people with dementia and people who have suffered brain damage, which makes them less aware of their surroundings. This concept GPS cane is currently being realized with the help of Fujitsu technology.

Egle Ugintaite’s Emergency GPS Cane Concept

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Via: [Designboom]


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    Hats off to Egle Ugintaite, the built in GPS device may be a help for senior citizens who need to find directions without having to grapple with a cumbersome paper map.

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