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GoStacked: Modular Case For iPhone Brings Unlimited Feature Additions

GoStacked: Modular Case For iPhone Brings Unlimited Feature Additions

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Another iPhone case? Yes, but this time I have the opportunity to say, “finally!” Why? Because this one is far different from all the other ordinary and boring iPhone cases on the market. Usually when you see an iPhone case, it is just that, a case with some flair on it, nothing more and nothing less. This particular iPhone case has a trick up its sleeve that I don’t think any other case has. It’s a modular case that allows an almost unlimited number of features to be added to it.

This modular case, dubbed the GoStacked case, could possibly evolve the sometimes boring cases into a whole new standard. When just looking at it, you immediately notice that it’s not your usual iPhone case. It’s far from it. This modular case system allows users to attach different kinds of features to it, and that makes it one of the most versatile cases on the market.

When it comes to “accessory features” for the iPhone (as I call them), they usually make the case and the smartphone itself look bulky and thick. That is somewhat the case with the GoStacked modular case as well. It’s not necessarily a bad thing though since the bulkiness can easily be justified by the additional features you will be able to add to your otherwise tiered core iPhone features.

The GoStacked modular case has a card system that so far incorporates added features like solar charging, a hard drive and extra battery life. These are all cool features and all, but it is the system itself that makes this case such a brilliant idea. The accompanying app has a ton of features that will make sure to keep you in the loop of what is going on with your iPhone. This case, with the help of creativity, can yield literally any kind of features added to the iPhone. The imagination is the limit.

The GoStacked modular case is currently looking for funding in order to finalize their product and get it onto the market. They are looking to raise $75,000 within 17 days over at Kickstarter. With a little north of $19,000 crowdsourced already, it doesn’t seem to be an impossible task at all. If you pledge $60, you will get the case and a device card of your choice. This system could definitely add more features to your iPhone. I have personally been waiting for this modular theme. All in all, this iPhone case deserves to be on everyone’s iPhone.

GoStacked Modular Case For iPhone







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