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New iWatch Concept Adds Gorgeous Design To A Folding Brand

New iWatch Concept Adds Gorgeous Design To A Folding Brand

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Is Apple really working on a smartwatch? That is something we will never know for sure until Apple actually announces their new hardware lineup, and that may take a while. The board members have asked Apple to step up their innovation efforts since the stock is tumbling up and down these days due to concerned shareholders. What the iWatch will look like is of course impossible to say, but this iWatch concept idea is about the most gorgeous design I have seen so far.

Apple is always expected to deliver the most innovative and beautiful gadgets, however lately their efforts haven’t exactly dazzled the world. But, Jonathan Ive is still at Apple, and if Apple is smart, they still have a leg to stand on if they give more power to this brilliant designer. Whether or not Apple would ever design an iWatch concept that looks like what the people over at Ciccarese Design have managed to pull together is doubtful. This iWatch concept design definitely has a touch of Apple in it, but the design would probably be considered too bulky for Apple to ever sign off on.

Personally, I think it is about the most well rounded iWatch concept design I have seen to date. Sure, the bulky top of it would most likely just be an annoyance since the iWatch would fall down onto the underside of your arm as soon as you moved. But overall, the design is brilliant and could very well become one of those cult designs that Apple is known for. Listen to me going on like an Apple fanboy! I am not particularly drawn to Apple as a brand, especially not these days, but their hardware and software have on occasions been the best on the market.

It is said that Apple is supposed to announce and release their iWatch some time during 2014, but nothing has ever been certain with Apple. That their supposed watch will look like this iWatch concept is unlikely, but you have to agree that this is somewhat appealing. It would be more than intriguing to see how it works and play around with it, don’t you think?

Ciccarese Design’s iWatch Concept Smartwatch






Via: [CNET]

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