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GlassUp Pushes Augmented Reality Beyond Google Glass

GlassUp Pushes Augmented Reality Beyond Google Glass

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Google is sure taking a long time to get their Google Glass ready for release – so long in fact that they are inviting competitors to release their own augmented glasses before theirs even hit the market. As we all know, there have been plenty of competitors who have announced and even started marketing their own heads up display glasses, and now it seems yet another company is entering the stage with their GlassUp augmented reality glasses.

The company behind the GlassUp glasses are looking to make the experience more complete. Instead of just projecting their features in one corner of the glasses, GlassUp actually displays everything on almost the entire surface of the glasses. At first, the GlassUp glasses are not meant to come with a brigade of features though. The idea behind the glasses is actually just to create a more streamlined accessory to check your smartphone messages on the go.

I think we all remember what happened to the young woman who was texting while walking in the mall, right? The unfortunate event of her falling into the fountain was widely shared on the Internet, and it was a reminder about what could happen when you are too into what’s happening on that smartphone screen of yours. Well, GlassUp is suppose to relieve us all from unfortunate events like that.

For a complete list and demo of the features that GlassUp will have incorporated when released, have a look at the company’s demo pitch video and marvel over the increased bionic wear we are heading for in the future. The founder behind the project is looking to fund the last stages of the product development process using crowdfunding. He wants to raise $150,000 within 11 days, and so far the campaign has managed to raise north of $93,000 so the race is still on.

If you want to get a pair of these smartphone accessory glasses, and cash in on those early bird pledging awards, just head over to their IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign page and pledge. One thing is for sure, when all of these heads up display glasses are finally released on the market, walking down the street looking at people will be a whole new experience.

GlassUp – Augmented Reality Smartphone Accessory







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