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Get Retro With The 1-Bit Camera iPhone App

Get Retro With The 1-Bit Camera iPhone App

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

If you are a frequent user of iPhone apps in order to refine or alter your photographs, you probably know that there are thousands and thousands of them out there just waiting to be discovered. Everyone is trying to come up with the newest filters and frames, and some go viral while others struggle for survival or just to get seen. All of these applications have fueled a debate about whether amateur photographers can actually become professionals now that there are so many ways to take photographs that literally compete with the professional ones. I know some photographers are going to widely and furiously deny or debate this fact, but it is a development that the majority of the community is actually talking about.

But where do we go next? There are pretty much filters and applications for everything photography related out there now, well almost everything at least. The ever more advanced approaches to photo manipulation are becoming a challenge that pretty much every app developer wants in on. That is why I thought this clever application stood out from the rest. It’s called the 1-Bit Camera (developed by David Lindecrantz), and it will convert your photos into retrofied ’80s computer images.

If you ever started out on a Commodore 64, you know how impressed you were when an image showed up on the screen that actually looked like a photo, and not like some jumbled up graphics which was usually the case. Well, this application does exactly that. It’s simple, straight forward and above all… super retro! It only uses black and white to compose these kind of images, and the result is awesome in every way. What is even more intriguing is that the app will only set you back $1. It’s not too shabby for a new kind of photograph that we haven’t really seen much of for a few decades. Retro FTW!






Via: [geeksugar]

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