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Get A Better Grip When Riding The Subway With The Rail Reach

Get A Better Grip When Riding The Subway With The Rail Reach

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Riding the subway sometimes feels like it is the most unoptimized public transportation ever created. If you can squeeze yourself into the subway car during the busy hours, you are probably familiar with the events that transpire thereafter. You won’t find a seat, and you will have trouble even finding somewhere to to get a good grip. Once you do find somewhere to hold on, you will be rocketed around like a rag doll. Justin Choy solved this with an innovation called Rail Reach.

We are used to seeing some high tech innovation featured here on Bit Rebels, but today we’re going to take a look at something that has been requested for a long time. The device itself might be simple, non-techie and lacking all the incredible features of a smartphone, but it will solve a big problem in your life, and allow you to get a better grip.

The Rail Reach is a portable innovation, and an idea that has come from the unmeasurable amount of inconvenience and discomfort we all sometimes feel when riding the subway or train. Not only is it hard to find a better grip during rush hour, but it is also one of the reasons why we all continuously get sick. Touching the actual rail to get a grip usually results in a hoard of germs crawling onto your skin, and that’s just the beginning of it.

The Rail Reach is best described by the inventor in a pitch video for the gadget, and it could mean a much more comfortable ride for short people as well as for people who have trouble getting a good grip on the rail. Getting a good grip on the subway is a big deal, and that is why the inventor, Justin Choy, decided to try and fund his idea through crowdfunding.

In order to finalize the project, Justin is looking to raise a total of $35,000 before the campaign ends in 13 days. It’s not an impossible task, but it will take way more promotion and media focus in order to make a project like this successful. People all over the world will probably love this project, especially since they will be able to get a better grip and stay healthier while riding any kind of public transportation to work each day. So head over to the Rail Reach Kickstarter campaign page and pledge. It’s not every day that you will be able to get a better grip on reality after all.

Rail Reach – Get A Better Grip When Going To Work






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