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Game Boy & Nintendo NES With A Heavy Tron Overhaul

Game Boy & Nintendo NES With A Heavy Tron Overhaul

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I really enjoyed the Tron sequel released just a couple of years ago. It was one of those movies that you just knew was going to be much better than ordinary. The special effects in the movie were anything but boring, and even though the story could have been just a tad bit more in depth, I still enjoyed the entirety of it. Will there by any chance be a Tron 3 movie coming out? I have no clue, but if there ever is one, I am sure I will check it out as well. After all, the Avatar franchise has already planned for two more movies in the series. It’s quite an extraordinary push; however, not very surprising considering that the Avatar movie is the most successful box office movie ever. So why should the Tron franchise be any less appealing?

It’s like the Tron concept is never going to leave our memories, and more and more products are actually picking up on the LED light explosion. I’m sure there will be more coming in the future too. As if the retro gaming devices of our past weren’t cool enough, Rik Oostenbroek actually made them all even more epic with a ton of light diodes and awesome futuristic designs. Rik took the Game Boy and the Nintendo NES and redesigned them for the purpose of the future.

This series of images, called Next Level, is a professional look at what creativity and color can really do to enhance even the most aged devices. I feel as if I want to hold these things, play on them, and just flaunt them in public since they are about the coolest concept designs I have seen in a very long time. The colors immediately made me think of Tron, and even though Rik’s inspiration might not be from these epic movies, they still remind you that Blade Runner, Star Wars and all of those other movies are not too far from what is to become a reality in the future. What I mean about that is that there will be loads and loads of LED driven devices out there to illuminate our boring days.





Via: [UFunk – French]

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