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Gadget Charger Table Lamps For A True Geek’s Living Quarters

Gadget Charger Table Lamps For A True Geek’s Living Quarters

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

What does your device charger look like? Is it the default one that came with the device itself, or did you buy a new one that is more optimized? I bet whatever you have, it’s something that compliments your geekiness. There are of course thousands of different device chargers, docks and whatever you call them out there. There are also personalized devices that are put together by tech fanatics who long for a different kind of look. Usually they will recycle what they have and make something we have never seen before. With all the progress being made within 3D printing technology, I am sure we’ll soon start 3D printing our own gadget chargers. But it’s when you use the old to create the new that your gadget charger will silently scream geek the second you lay eyes upon it.

That is exactly what Jordan Waters did. He’s taken old electronic charger stations and revamped them into table lamps with gadget chargers incorporated into them. At first, they look like something our of a Disney movie, but then they start to make perfect sense. You sit down on your couch only to realize your device’s batteries are almost entirely out. Bam! The gadget charger is right there within your reach.

Jordan Waters’ Etsy store, Boss Lamps, has a boatload of these lamps available if you want your very own gadget charger table lamp. They vary in size and customization, but they are all mind blowingly “beautiful.” They are all a mixture between the old and retro combined with the new and fresh gadget chargers of today, meaning USB. Each one also comes with a little power outlet if you want to connect something else to be charged. These lamps will illuminate your life while charging your gadgets. How can that not be epically geeky? I am sure you’re jumping up and down right now out of pure excitement, right? There are plenty of them, and they are priced between $65.00 and $125.00. Which one would you choose?

Boss Lamps’ Retro Gadget Chargers

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Via: [Technabob]

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