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Future Hybrid Transportation System Is An Otherworldly Experience

Future Hybrid Transportation System Is An Otherworldly Experience

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

The world is getting more and more congested, and we have yet to find a way to stay infinitely ahead of our own growth. It’s anything but easy, but innovators are trying to come up with tomorrow’s technologies today. That way, we can all can sit back and know that we will get to our destinations on time. Tomorrow’s transportation will most likely become one large and global hybrid transportation system that ultimately prevents congestion altogether.

One of the most innovative ideas, and one that actually seems quite plausible, is the Horizon system. It’s a hybrid transportation system that has been developed by Ewan Alston, Andrew Flynn, Mason Holden and Martin Keane. In the future, we are no longer confined to one transportation method at the time. Instead we are going to utilize them all, and they will all be connected into one giant hybrid transportation system that never stops moving along.

It’s an intriguing thought that no doubt will require some heavy maintenance once it gets started. However, it is within its potential that we can really see the appeal of it all. Imagine jumping on a Maglev train to a destination which lies way beyond the reach of its own capacity. The hybrid transportation system has it all covered though since it has airship capacity incorporated into it as well. A never ending transportation jet will take over and lift the Maglev train onto a new path to your destination.

The possibilities are literally limitless when you start thinking about it all. One scary thought is of course that we will be at the mercy of the machine. Today we already are to some extent since planes are mostly run on autopilot these days. The question is whether or not we can create a system that is secure enough to be run automatically without causing accidents and even more congestion. The concept of this transportation system is highly appealing, and one day maybe this will become the ultimate solution to fight the global congestion that we all experience on a daily basis.

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