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Artist Creates Freaky Facial 3D Printed Sculptures That Impress

Artist Creates Freaky Facial 3D Printed Sculptures That Impress

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

3D printing can be used for a variety of things. It will some day change the way we all carry out our everyday endeavors. Think of it as a gadget currently altering the very core of society. Once 3D printing technology has reached a level of perfection which is on par with the products we buy today, we’re going to see a rapid alteration of a number of services. To show you how impressive 3D printing is today, an artist created some freaky facial 3D printed sculptures.

Well, that wasn’t exactly the core purpose of her endeavor, but the result is that when you view these freaky facial 3D printed sculptures you kind of know that 3D printing is on the verge of going insanely intricate. It already is, but with each new printer, the quality and preciseness is increased substantially. This twisted and twirled mask-like art comes from a UK-based fine art student named Lorna Barnshaw. It can only be described as the freaky facial art that we all represent once our looks are put through the digital world of a 3D printer.

The goal was to replicate reality with a digital device to see how closely it could portray it. It’s apparent that Lorna wants to make it a fair comparison since her own description of the process it took to create these is, “I interfered with the software as little as possible, comparing the digital attempts at replicating reality“.

The young artists of today usually use the technology available in order to create groundbreaking visual art that we haven’t seen before. It’s an exciting time, and many times the art helps progress technology to otherworldly levels. Lorna’s creative outlet, along with other promising artists’ art, is featured at the Squieze exhibition. We’re getting closer and closer to being able to reproduce a real life clone of a human just through the use of the incredible technology available today.

Lorna Barnshaw’s Freaky Facial 3D Printed Sculptures






Via: [psfk]

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