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Fraunhofer Presents Transparent Wall Glass Light Panels

Fraunhofer Presents Transparent Wall Glass Light Panels

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Some of you may have seen the new transparent glass walls that with a push of a button go all white. These glass panels are said to be the future of temperature regulation in our homes. Once the glass panels are activated, they keep sunlight out which cools the room they’re installed in. The company Fraunhofer has gone a step beyond these glass panels and created something they call TABOLA, transparent glass light panels.

Having these panels installed will not only keep the sunlight out while activated, but they will also serve as lighting for your room when it is dark outside. With the right color tint, you could even simulate sunlight even though it is nighttime outside. This is something that could exponentially increase not only your health but also your productivity. People that are exposed to sunlight are happier people. It is said to be due to their increased intake of vitamin D, which comes from sunlight.

These impressive light panels can be used for touchscreens, and of course if modified a little bit more, they could become wall displays that can be controlled by a mode switch. You would basically be able to switch between three modes; transparent glass mode, light panel mode and of course touchscreen display mode. It would be the ultimate glass interior design module.

These light panels although first presented over a year ago, and from what I know are still in development. I am sure that as soon as they are able to produce larger sheets of these light panels they could become pretty common in postmodern homes, which already sport similar glass structure in their designs. Of course, they don’t sport the same and unique features as these light panels from Fraunhofer do.

Hopefully in the future we will be able to choose what scenery and light conditions we want in our homes. Somewhat like what we saw in the extended edition of the Alien (1979) movie that Riddley Scott put together a few decades ago. Technology keeps picking the cherries from science fiction movies, and the transparent wall glass light panels from Fraunhofer are one of those – Video by  OLED-Info.

Fraunhofer’s TABOLA – Transparent Glass Light Panels

 TABOLA Fraunhofer Light Panels

TABOLA Fraunhofer Light Panels

TABOLA Fraunhofer Light Panels

TABOLA Fraunhofer Light Panels

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