Unbelievable Formula 1 Simulator For Gaming Fanatics

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If you are a gaming fanatic, you know there are some seriously impressive and realistic looking racing simulators out there. Gran Turismo was one of the most realistic for a long time, but the competitors have caught up a lot since then. However, racing on a computer has never been much of a realistic experience. The graphics are getting better and better, but the feeling of being able to command a sports car is nowhere to be found. You can get a hint of the experience if you go to an arcade hall, but those are becoming more and more rare. So what could you really do in order to get that intense feeling of driving a sports car down a winding road at 150 mph? What you need is of course the Formula 1 simulator from International FMCG.

Delivering a realistic driving experience is anything but easy, but International FMCG has done it for years. They just recently started delivering their awesome gear to people’s homes. So what can you expect? Well, the whole damn thing I reckon. The Formula 1 simulator comes with three 23 inch widescreen displays and a Formula 1 car. Say what? Yup, the entire system is delivered in a Formula 1 simulator car that has incorporated 5.1 Dolby surround sound and a quick release Formula 1 steering wheel.

It all comes bundled and ready to be experienced for just $144,000. Oh yeah, did I tell you that driving a sports car, namely a Formula 1 simulator, in your home doesn’t come cheap? Maybe it would even be better to spend that money on a real sports car. I believe you could get your very own Porsche for that kind of cash, a pretty darn good one as well. Then again, there is nothing quite like waking up in the middle of the night without any chance of falling asleep and having one of these badboys at your disposal. Hop into it in your jammies, and you’re ready to take on the world’s fastest racers. Hmm, why not, right?

International FMCG’s Home Formula 1 Simulator





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