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eyeMac Custom Steampunk Computer Is Pure Historical Art

eyeMac Custom Steampunk Computer Is Pure Historical Art

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

These days, there is a huge community of people who customize computers. Some of them go for a sci-fi approach, while others take a more subtle and laid back path and pimp out their computer more on the inside. There is also a community out there that customizes their computers to the point where you can no longer see any resemblance to what the computer looked like when they first started. It’s a long and tedious process that takes a lot of dedication and resources in order to pull off the result that you imagine. Things have to be acquired, molded and put in place, one by one. I have great respect for people who put down time and dedication like this since it gives us a great vault of visuals to look at when they are done.

Some of the most epic customizations are bent towards the steampunk community, and that is exactly what David Lee did with his newest and freshest eyeMac computer build. It’s one of those builds that will surely pick on your attention. Not only is it steampunk, but it also has an element to it that makes it almost an historical artifact. At least that is exactly what it looks like. It looks like a drawer from back in the Victorian time and age, and it almost comes across like fine art.

The base of the build is from a pump organ that has been gracefully transformed into a big iMac customized computer with a keyboard and all. There are an insane number of details that have been put into this mind blowing build, and if you look carefully at the images, I am sure that you will keep seeing small details for almost as long as you keep looking at it. David also provides his services to anyone who wants his or her own steampunk custom computer, so just drop by his Etsy page and check out some of the work he’s done for further information. Usually when a customization is done, it is sold, and that is the case with this one as well. You can buy it for a cool $3,000 if you feel like you have an urge to go a little bit more Victorian in your life. However, I am of the opinion that a customization belongs to its master, but I guess that is just my humble opinion. There’s nothing wrong with making a little money off of your skills, right?






Via: [Technabob]

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