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EX1 3D Printer Enables Circuit Board Printing On Anything

EX1 3D Printer Enables Circuit Board Printing On Anything

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

In the very near future, you will be able to 3D print a working advanced device straight from blueprints created on a computer. What makes us say something so bold? Well lately we have seen an increase in the pace that 3D printing technology is progressing at, and the fact that a new 3D printer called EX1 is already capable of 3D printing circuit boards means it is only a matter of time. It might not seem like a big deal, but when you start putting the pieces together it’s a vital step for 3D printing.

Researchers and developers have been trying for years to create all of these different technologies, and it’s kind of ironic that they all should come from stand-alone unfunded teams that merely have a passion for creating what is considered to be impossible.

The new EX1 3D printer can print a circuit board on virtually any material. Everything from rigid or flexible plastic, to paper and cloth. All you need to know is what you want to create, and it will do the job for you. Another feature this new 3D printer has is that you can even create your circuit board design in Photoshop and print it from within there. It is unheard of and will definitely further increase the pace that 3D printing is progressing at.

It is not hard to think that if all of these technologies, the Vader printer, regular multiple nozzle 3D printers and this circuit board printer, were bundled together we would have the ultimate 3D printer. You would be able to create and design an advanced gadget in 3D software, circuit board and all, then just hit print, and you would see the gadget appear in front of your eyes like magic.

The EX1 printer, however, is an unfunded project, and they are now looking to crowdfund their next step, which is finalizing the project and putting it on the market, and they are using Kickstarter to do it. They are looking to raise a mere $30,000 to complete the project. With 28 days to go, they have managed to raise more than twice that amount. As said, 3D printing is a popular endeavor, and with this development kit it’s undoubtedly going to become even more popular. Help push 3D printing further by pledging to this project today. You could be among the first ones to own an EX1 3D printer and print your own flexible circuit boards. This is definitely an exciting development in the ever evolving saga of the 3D printer.

EX1 – The Amazing Circuit Board 3D Printer

EX1 Circuit Board Printer

EX1 Circuit Board Printer

EX1 Circuit Board Printer

EX1 Circuit Board Printer

EX1 Circuit Board Printer

EX1 Circuit Board Printer

EX1 Circuit Board Printer

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Polyimide Labels

November 14th, 2013

These new printers that are coming out are just starting to revolutionize the future. Imagine being able to think and create of anything at home and viola! there you have it. I would think that the only downside would be the higher use of plastic, but in your pictures above you did it on cloth.

Maybe we as a world need to come up with another alternative to plastic, one that will break down over time (eco Friendly)


August 9th, 2016

wow this is amazing first time i hear about a 3d printer that can print circuit boards. Eeveryone should have one in their house and make their own electronics

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