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Epic Mod: PS3 & XBox 360 All In One Box

Epic Mod: PS3 & XBox 360 All In One Box

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Playing video games has been a trend since back in the ’80s, and it’s never really dissipated. It’s been there all the time, and it’s growing and growing along with the technology which make the games even more realistic. It’s a fun ride to watch these games get better and better and more intriguing. I am not much for the gory games where we see, in detail, how to go about the execution of our enemies. I am more into Minecraft, Terraria and all those games that are a little more retro. A person very dear to me sent me a Nintendo NES as a present, but unfortunately I was too late picking it up. However, when the day comes that I get to play on it, you can count on me putting up some awesome articles about the retroness of that legendary device from the ’80s.

Nowadays we always have to go with a specific platform to play our favorite game. Most of the games are of course released on multiple platforms, but the quality is varying, and sometimes we have to have a certain console or computer in order to play these games. So when I saw this uber epic modding of a Playstaion 3 and an XBox 360 all fit into one computer case, I was beside myself with excitement.

Now we can bring one box with us to our friend’s house no matter what console game we want to play. I am still waiting on the ultimate emulator for a computer that will handle all of the games released for all of the platforms out there. If anyone wants a project that will make them world famous, that is the one you should focus on. Don’t think it will be an easy task however, since you will definitely be working on this for years and years. But what an emulator it would be! Now, take in the pictures and marvel over the beauty of this thing.

PS2 And XBox 360 Mod

PS2 And XBox 360 Mod

PS2 And XBox 360 Mod

PS2 And XBox 360 Mod

Via: [DVICE]

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