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The TV Chaise Will Have A Significant Impact On Your Geek Status

The TV Chaise Will Have A Significant Impact On Your Geek Status

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

As a geek, you can’t allow yourself to relax like any old average Joe, right? That’s correct. If we are going to live the geek lifestyle, we need to make sure our surroundings are calibrated as such. Interior design usually reflects who the person is, and what kind of lifestyle he or she enjoys. In order to reflect the right lifestyle, you of course need the geekiest furniture you can find. That just happens to be a pretty insane TV Chaise now available.

Usually a chaise is a regular, ordinary kind of relaxation chair, but not the TV Chaise. It’s a whole lot different from anything you have at home, I guarantee you that. It was developed and manufactured by a studio called HStudio, and it is only one in a wide range of couches, sofas, chairs and all kinds of furniture they create and make available. The TV Chaise is one of those creations that will always impress people.

As the description says, this chaise fits 3 people comfortably. Once you sit in it, you will never want to leave. It certainly looks comfortable, and with the TV positioned perfectly above you, there is no doubt you can fall asleep to your favorite movie anytime during the day. It’s basically the perfect “procrastination device.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t say whether the TV is touchscreen enabled or not, but by the looks of it, sadly it’s not. It doesn’t really matter though since you will probably not sit there and browse through a ton of channels to find something good, or? I mean, you will have probably fallen asleep before you even think about attempting to find something else to watch.

If you have a bit of cash laying around, I think you should invest in one of these. Price? Well, let’s just say trying to convince HStudio to let you take one of these home with you won’t be a cheap endeavor. With a price tag of $5,700, it’s not exactly the average buy for an average family. But then again, saving up is usually something that people are quite good at if they really want something. It’s not cheap to be geek.

HStudio’s Custom Epic TV Chaise

TV Chaise Epic Furniture

TV Chaise Epic Furniture

TV Chaise Epic Furniture

TV Chaise Epic Furniture

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