EmoPulse Smile: A Bracelet Smartwatch Jam-Packed With Useful Features

September 14, 2013 7:07 pm Published by 11 Comments

Many of the big technology companies are now gearing up efforts to produce the best and most innovative smartwatch on the market. There have been plenty presented so far, and some have been quite intriguing. It’s hard to say what features people are expecting, but they for sure sure want a smartwatch on their arm and quick. Are there any good ones in the pipeline? After having a look at the EmoPulse Smile smartwatch, I want to say yes.

We have been blasted with announcements for a couple of weeks now, but one of the main players on the market, Apple, is keeping quiet. Are they doing what some people say they are always doing? Are they surveying the market to see what the buyers want, and then they’ll create something that is in perfect line with what people expect? Only time will tell whether or not Apple will enter the smartwatch market at all, but one thing is for certain, and that is that the EmoPulse Smile smartwatch is not going to wait to present itself to the market.

The EmoPulse is sort of a wildcard since it appears to have had a short run on IndieGoGo, but it is nowhere to be found on the site now. Maybe they didn’t follow the rules of a legit IndieGoGo campaign, or they simply didn’t deliver on their promise. I honestly don’t know. They ended up doing what the innovators behind the Owlet Baby Bootie did, and they set up their own crowdfunding/pre-order website and are currently bringing their vision to the market. The question of course lingers whether the EmoPulse Smile smartwatch is even real.

The market has to decide whether or not this will become a success. It packs features that are beyond innovative, and those could come to put the EmoPulse Smile watch ahead of its competitors. What do you say about 4G network support, OMAP 5 processor, 128/256 GB flash card slot, USB 3.0 and NFC? It’s all coming together on a gorgeous curved touchscreen display that is sure to grab people’s attention. If you want to know more about this smartwatch, just head over to the EmoPulse Smile smartwatch’s official website and dig into the specs and announcements.

EmoPulse Smile Smartwatch Demo Presentation

EmoPulse Smile Smartwatch Innovation

EmoPulse Smile Smartwatch Innovation

EmoPulse Smile Smartwatch Innovation

EmoPulse Smile Smartwatch Innovation

EmoPulse Smile Smartwatch Innovation

EmoPulse Smile Smartwatch Innovation

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This post was written by Richard Darell


  • Wallace R says:


    This watch is going to be very interesting when it comes out. Can’t wait to see the actual live demo for it. I hope the company will live up to their word. I am very impressed so far!

  • Ben Dover says:

    Its looks lovely, has great functionality and no doubt is a scam

  • Mitch says:

    are you kidding me. This project is not only expired, but it was removed from indiegogo because it is vaporware. Good reporting.

  • sanusi says:

    Hello there
    My question is how can I buy this watch .. for the final step of PayPal operation on the emo web .. they said the operation not safe .. can any one bought this watch tell me trouth

  • mike says:

    I just bought one but used a credit card and it went through just fine…so we’ll see…yea paypal is not working on their site….

    • giovanni says:

      hi mike do you get your order of the emopulse smartphone watch yet can you let me no ples be4 i order one for my self thanks

  • Santhosh says:

    Hey Mike, Was your order delivered? I ordered the watch one month back, but still not get the order. Do you have any contact number of these guys/


  • Mehdi says:

    I need a 1000 pieces of emopulse smile , can i order ?

  • Jean says:

    Hi…. is anyone know when is this watch going to be available, the emopulse smile watch.

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