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Emergency Flashlight Runs On Any Size Batteries You Can Find

Emergency Flashlight Runs On Any Size Batteries You Can Find

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

When the power goes out, we all find ourselves in a situation which is unnatural for most of us. Pretty much everything around us is dependent on electricity, and without it, it’s almost like we are sent back into the stone age. There have been people working on emergency power devices for decades, but it’s not until now that their solutions have become really useful and lasting. Sure, a single recharge for your smartphone can mean the difference between life and death, but there are way more things that we need power for than that. For example, we need it for light. Without light, we fumble in the dark, which makes any hope of turning a dire situation into a hopeful one almost impossible. An emergency flashlight is a necessity when your power goes out, and you have no idea what’s going on around you.

Today’s emergency flashlights have long been redundant to the candle due to the short time in which they are useful. When the power on the emergency flashlight goes out, you will have to find a new one, and usually you’ll need a specific battery size to turn it on again. That is an inconvenience that the people over at Panasonic have been hard at work trying to solve. This is an all too common problem with emergency flashlights that sometimes ends with injuries and further stress.

The solution is a revolutionary new emergency flashlight that will work with whatever batteries you have. Just cram them all into the emergency flashlight and turn it on. It’s a great way to always be sure you have enough power to at least get to safety. Just keep all your half-empty batteries somewhere safe and central, and you can always grab a few and use them for your emergency flashlight. It’s named the BF-BM10, but it is called the “Any Battery Light” emergency flashlight. I am quite sure it’s on its way to becoming a huge success over in Japan. It’s quite cheap as well, which of course is a necessity for stuff like this. It costs around $24.00, but can only be purchased in Japan at this moment, if my sources are correct.

Panasonic’s Innovative Emergency Flashlight





Via: [Japan Today]

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