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The one thing that could quickly send your personal economy into a depression is the unpredictable electricity bill that keeps surprising you from time to time. If you don’t remember to turn off lights, TVs or even your computer when you leave home or go to sleep, it can quickly get out of hand. There is no reason for your lights to stay on when you go to sleep or leave home other than to keep burglars away, but there are gadgets for that as well. They are gadgets that use far less electricity than your lights do. We could of course use timers that triggers every once in a while for when we are away from home, but that still doesn’t really keep us in the loop of things. What we need is some kind of system that allows for electricity tracking. One such device could be the innovative MeterPlug.

The MeterPlug is an IndieGoGo electricity tracking device that could possibly reinvent the way we keep track of our electricity spending. It’s a power outlet plug that allows electricity tracking for every single gadget that plugs into the power outlet. Then what? Well, the power plug device is so clever that it sends Bluetooth data to your smartphone device (iPhone) so you can evaluate each and every gadget individually.

The genius thing about this power outlet plug is that you can program individual gadgets and appliances to turn off and on depending on the distance you are from them. This means you can walk out of a room and the lights will turn off, and of course they’ll turn on when you enter the room again. You can even manually turn on/off every single individual gadget if you don’t want to use the vicinity tracker. All in all, this gadget could revolutionize the way we save power and lower our electric bill.

The electricity tracking capabilities that come with this power outlet plug could lower our spending significantly since it tracks it all in the currency you select. It also has the ability to track costs if your power is priced differently throughout the day. This is one of those insanely useful and innovative solutions to lower your electricity costs. Our electricity tracking capabilities are pretty much complete with this MeterPlug.

The MeterPlug inventors are currently looking for funding over at IndieGoGo. They are looking to raise $70,000 and they have already managed to raise north of $74,000. This means that if you pledge $45.00 you will be receiving a MeterPlug at the end of the funding period (which is now only 26 days away). Just remember that shipping is not included. I can’t wait to try this electricity tracking concept out. It’s like incorporating the future into your house by just adding a plug into your power outlet. This could be huge!

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