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EDAG’s Light Car Sports An All Exterior OLED Screen

EDAG’s Light Car Sports An All Exterior OLED Screen

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Not too long ago Audi showcased a concept car that had OLED screens incorporated into its bodywork. Many people we’re looking forward to having a few extra lights on their car, not to mention the ability to impress people with it. It is still unclear if Audi will ever incorporate the OLED screen bodywork into their line of cars or not, so we’ll just have to wait and see. It seems the trend is on though as EDAG presented their own OLED Screen concept dubbed the Light Car.

EDAG announced the car back in 2009, and it was a magnificent display of ingenuity and innovation. The car, which of course still is just a concept car, had incorporated technologies that we could only dream of back then. EDAG has continued to develop this technology and have started to conceptualize more models which could come to incorporate this OLED screen feature as well.

Even though the Light Car was announced in 2009, the technology presented is still on the very edge of what could be incorporated in cars today. Not only would the OLED screen added to the body of the car be a great safety feature, but it could also come to revolutionize how cars are designed. To put these displays in the right place is vital because of two reasons. The first one is kind of obvious and that is that they have to be seen. The displays need to be placed in the perfect location on the car to make sense otherwise it would make no difference adding them.

The second reason is that people, unfortunately, don’t seem to care whether there is a car parked beside them when they open their door. Too many times are people just flinging open their door only to hit the side of your car. If an OLED screen would be positioned in that particular spot where they hit the car, then there would be no more OLED screen to turn on if you know what I mean.

Whether EDAG’s intention is to bring this highly appealing concept into mass produced cars, is unclear. According to their website they are continuing to develop the technology to make it better and more customizable. Maybe they are waiting for flexible OLED screens to become available at an affordable price, before they start marketing their awesome technology. Have a look at the images and video to see the OLED screen in full action, pretty impressive.

EDAG’s Light Car With External Body OLED Screen

EDAG Body OLED Screen

EDAG Body OLED Screen

EDAG Body OLED Screen

EDAG Body OLED Screen

EDAG Body OLED Screen

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