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ECO-MOBIUS: Third Modular Smartphone Joins The Race

ECO-MOBIUS: Third Modular Smartphone Joins The Race

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

No doubt did the Phonebloks phone create ripples in the world of smartphone development. Shortly after the phone was announced Motorola (owned by Google) announced their modular Ara phone and the odd collaboration with the guy behind the Phonebloks phone. As if that wasn’t enough along comes ZTE, a Chinese developer, to announce their own modular smartphone which they have named ECO-MOBIUS.

These three modular smartphones have been announced in the span of roughly one month. Is it a trend? Is this something that is going to be picked up by Samsung, Apple and all of the other smartphone developers as well? We can only speculate, but so far it seems the intense media coverage and interest in these concepts has stirred up quite a following, a following that might just prove to become quite profitable for all three of these modular smartphone’s developers.

The ECO-MOBIUS modular smartphone looks like a combination of both previously announced concepts. However, it has a few different visual features. Remember, the ECO-MOBIUS phone is so far just a concept prototype as well, and many of its features could come to change if the phone is ever developed at all that is.

This third modular smartphone concept seems to concentrate on the engine upgrades of the phone, such as the RAM, ROM, GPU, Camera, SIM Card and Buckle. It’s when you switch out these components that you really get to upgrade your phone. Along with the other phones, I am sure you will be able to switch out the screen as well to keep up with the ever increasing resolution of mobile devices.

Not only does the ECO-MOBIUS modular phone have all of the interesting abilities to upgrade the phone’s engine, but it will also come in three different sizes. Once realized (or finalized) it will come in 4.9, 5.8 and 7.9 inch models. This is where this phone differentiates from the Ara and Phonebloks phones. To be able to choose your preferred size of this modular phone, could prove to be the advantage that this phone could need in order to break through the noise that the two other phones have been able to stir up.

ZTE’s ECO-MOBIUS Modular Smartphone Prototype

ECO-MOBIUS Modular Smartphone

ECO-MOBIUS Modular Smartphone

ECO-MOBIUS Modular Smartphone

ECO-MOBIUS Modular Smartphone

ECO-MOBIUS Modular Smartphone

Via: [Yanko Design]

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