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EarOnic: The iPhone 4 Stealth Case Is Here For Laughs

EarOnic: The iPhone 4 Stealth Case Is Here For Laughs

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I bet many of you out there are gearing up for the launch of the new iPhone 5, which is said to be coming out in October. There have of course been a lot of unofficial reports about just what this new hype kid of the technology industry is going to include when it is revealed. What many “experts” are saying though is that in reality, it will be far from the hype that it has been made up to be. They say we should be careful about getting our hopes too high since it may almost certainly not be able to live up to it. It’s said to pack a moderately bigger screen and a few updates, but that’s about it, which would be quite a letdown for everyone who is looking forward to using the 4G network.

However, there is still a month to go for everyone who is anticipating the iPhone 5, and during that time, you will just have to hold onto your iPhone 4, and what it has to offer you. Maybe now is the right time for a simple upgrade to make the last month you guys have together a time to remember. There is something out there that might lighten up the mood when it comes to your parting with it, and it is everything but ordinary and boring.

It’s the EarOnic iPhone 4 case from CollabCubed. It’s a stealth iPhone 4 case that will either fool the people around you into thinking you are just scratching your ear, or maybe that you have on a bluetooth headset. Or, they may even just laugh their socks off. It’s one of those iPhone accessories that will have you giggling all the way to work. There are 5 different motifs that will allow you to go into stealth mode in just seconds. I kinda like it since it is a great way to lighten the mood at boring old conference meetings and mingling engagements. They are quite cheap as well since they only cost $20 per case. It’s more than fair price to make the last few weeks with your iPhone 4 count, don’t you think?

EarOnic iPhone 4 Stealth Case

EarOnic iPhone 4 Stealth Case

EarOnic iPhone 4 Stealth Case

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