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DropShades: Next Generation Audio Driven LED Party Glasses

DropShades: Next Generation Audio Driven LED Party Glasses

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Technology can be used for a lot of different things. It’s often times used to optimize gadgets, which make our lives a little bit better, or even worse. But there is another side to technology that we don’t get to see very often these days. I am talking about the fun devices, solely created for no other reason than to fill our lives with awesomeness. These next generation shutter shades are a great example of that. These audio driven LED party glasses could light up the club scene soon.

There seems to be no other motive behind these awesome DropShades party glasses other than to add a little bit of flair to that usually boring clubbing experience of yours. The glasses themselves, even though they look like ordinary shutter shades, incorporate some quite intriguing technology. Each bar on the glasses is fit with LED tubing (hidden within the glasses), which will get light up and “bounce” to the audio presented to the microphone.

These audio driven party glasses react to the strength of the music, or possibly to a certain frequency band, in order to create an equalizer effect on the glasses themselves. There’s no doubt you will be the focal point of the party once you wear these. You will also make sure people know you have the latest party accessory available. Party glasses are usually quite boring, we all know that, but these audio driven LED party glasses will bump up the cool in your geeky self to epic levels.

The guys behind these glasses are currently looking for funding in order to manufacture their innovation. The innovation as a whole is complete, but in order to produce a profitable number, they were looking to raise $15,000 within 24 days. It’s something that they have already managed to do. At the current time, they have successfully managed to raise a staggering $22,000, which guarantees you a pair if you act quickly and pledge before the crowdsourcing campaign is over. You will only have to pledge $30.00 to get your very own pair over at Kickstarter. What are you waiting for? Get cool, wear DropShades!

DropShades – Audio Driven LED Party Glasses





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