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Doodle 3D Printer Accessory Enables 3D Printing Of Drawings

Doodle 3D Printer Accessory Enables 3D Printing Of Drawings

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

3D printing is rapidly becoming a household endeavor, and more people are embracing this groundbreaking technology. We have seen the insane evolution of 3D printing for quite a while now, and along with that comes new and more advanced accessories and solutions. When embracing 3D printing, you might stumble across a problem, and that is the actual creation of 3D objects. The Doodle3D accessory will enable you to use a doodle 3D printer accessory to 3D print drawings.

For some people, the creation of a 3D printable object is limited to their skills when it comes to using 3D creation software. This has prevented a lot of people from actually embracing this new technology, and somewhat slowed down the progression of its use. Problems are made to be solved, and this problem is definitely one that innovators and concept designers are trying to chip away at. Solutions range from 3D scanners to lesser useful and unoptimized solutions. However, when it comes to ingenuity, the Doodle 3D printer accessory is one of the most impressive 3D printing accessories I have seen since 3D printing was introduced some years ago.

The concept is brought to life by Doodle 3D Amersfoort in the Netherlands, and it could come to give 3D printing a significant push forward. It’s an app that will enable you to draw a 2D picture which you can then manipulate in 3D space by giving it the properties to be printed as a 3D object. The simple user interface and straightforward features make it super easy for children and non-technical computer users to embrace 3D printing in its fullest form.

This doodle 3D printer accessory is a startup looking for funding in order to finalize their product and iron out a more stable version of their innovation. They are looking to raise $50,000, and with over 34 days to go they are almost already halfway there. This goes to show that 3D printing, and especially this doodle 3D printer accessory and app, is highly popular and welcome. I can imagine this becoming a true success once the Kickstarter campaign has been successfully completed. It definitely looks like it’s going that way, and I think we’re all super excited to see 3D printing become a more widespread endeavor.

Doodle3D Amersfoort’s Doodle 3D Printer Accessory






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