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Let Your Dog Go High Tech With 3D Printed Personalized Dog Tags

3 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Usually we don’t hear about the combination of 3D printing and dogs, but that all changes today. 3D printing must really be taking over the world if it’s now entering the canine population too. If you are a techie geek who loves 3D printing, chances are, so does your dog. Now you can give your dog the chance to join the ranks of the geekiest dogs on the planet by getting him or her a few 3D printed, personalized dog tags.

You are probably familiar with the personalized dog tags you can order at the pet store. Sometimes they come in a vending machine and you can wait while they’re engraved with your contact information. With these new 3D printed dog tags, you can just forget about those old fashioned ones. These are the high tech tags your dog deserves. I’m giggling as I’m writing this because it seems so silly to me.

I suppose if you’re really into 3D printing, it would be worth it to pick up a few of these. They are created by Michael Mueller. You just enter your dog’s name for the front of the tag and your contact information for the back of the tag. Then you pay $35 – $45 (depending on the size of the dog tag you want) and wait for it to come in the mail. You can get it in stainless steel, gold plated or bronze plated metal.

These 3D printed personalized dog tags will definitely be popular with fashion forward pups who like to sport the latest technology. These are probably the same dogs who have their own iPad apps. If you want to get one of these for your pup, just click over to Mixee Labs. What will they think of next to 3D print? It never ends…

3D Printed Personalized Dog Tags

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Via: [3D Printing Industry]

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One Comment

Jackie Bigford

August 29th, 2013

It is always such a fun stop to read your articles my friend…and of course you know how I love my pets…I can see this being a must have item for the upwardly mobile pooch :-)


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