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How To Create Your Very Own LEGO iPhone Dock

How To Create Your Very Own LEGO iPhone Dock

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Why should we care about all the constantly released iPhone accessories? Why do we need to pay money for yet another dock? Of course, having the latest and greatest is always fun and all, but when it comes to hogging gear just because of it, well let’s just say I am personally not a fan of that. There are plenty of solutions for us all out there that are both more creative and more fun, not to mention money saving. We have been featuring iPhone docks here on Bit Rebels since pretty much the start, and we have no intention of stopping anytime soon, but we are always open to switching it up a little. That is exactly the case with this pretty neat LEGO iPhone dock that you can put together yourself.

It’s conceptualized and realized by Steven Combs, and it is a really geeky way of docking your iPhone when you need to charge it. The cool thing is that it doesn’t seem to have taken too many LEGO building blocks either. Nope, this LEGO iPhone dock is a simple task that will scream geek when your friends and loved ones come to visit you at home.

Furthermore, you don’t have to settle for just one either. If you have the chargers for it, you can create plenty of them and put them all over your house to make sure you always have easy access to one when your power is starting to drain. I am sure you will be able to create one with the new Lightning connector as well. After all, it’s just a different cord. All you need to do is make a few adjustments, and you should be all good to go. When it comes to saving money, this LEGO iPhone dock is definitely a great way to step it up a bit. Besides, you are only as limited as your imagination, which means you can choose any color, size, form and texture for your LEGO iPhone dock in order to completely geekify your home. Ain’t nothing better than creating it yourself, right?

Steven Combs’ DIY LEGO iPhone Dock

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