Disney Research Unveils 3D Texture Tactile Touchscreen Technology

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The touchscreen has become a vital part of all of our lives, and we keep finding new ways to utilize its easy use. But, there is one thing that the touchscreens are not capable of yet, and that is to present us with realistic representation of the textures that things have in the real world. Disney Research has endeavored into this mystical realm to see if they may solve this quite important part of how we experience things, and the result is a 3D texture tactile touchscreen.

The Disney Research lab is known for bringing unexpected technology to the surface, and this new tactile touchscreen is one of those. The aim is to allow touchscreens to feel more immersive and natural. The ability to feel texture is something that could have a significant impact in a number of industries, especially the movie industry.

The tactile touchscreen has a somewhat simple approach to recreate a sense of texture, and it does this with the help of electricity. By lowering and increasing voltage transmitted through the tactile touchscreen, the user will experience a sense of texture. This voltage can be controlled in order to replicate pretty much whatever texture the screen is showing. It is a technology that we have not really seen before, and could come to make a pretty big impact on both the movie industry as well as in the gaming industry.

With so many gaming accessories being rolled out and announced recently, the ability to immerse ourselves into the magical world on the screen has never been so appealing. This tactile touchscreen will definitely add to that immersive experience in a way that we can only begin to imagine. When this texture tactile touchscreen will be implemented or if it ever will, only Disney knows. No doubt is their research and development department on the very edge of technology, and I think we can expect a whole lot more from Disney Research in the near future. We here at Bit Rebels will keep a close eye on this technology and report back to you as soon as we see any further development.

Disney Research’s Tactile Touchscreen Technology

Disney Texture Tactile Touchscreen

Disney Texture Tactile Touchscreen

Disney Texture Tactile Touchscreen

Disney Texture Tactile Touchscreen

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