Digital Marketing Agencies – Advantages And Disadvantages Of Niche SEO

Digital marketing agencies can appeal to a variety of different clients ranging from restaurants to doctors to nonprofits and larger scale corporations, fellow consulting firms, and government organizations. There are dozens of industries out there all with their own little niche markets- the wheels that keep the vehicle running. Therefore, if you are a digital marketing agency or searching for an agency that knows what they’re talking about in terms of SEO (Cardinal digital marketing agency Atlanta is a good one) then you probably already know that marketing to clients in a small sector comes with its own challenges.

Whether you have a client that sells piano ties in a B2C setting or an occupational health consulting firm that appeals to Fortune 500 companies in a B2B model, here are some advantages and challenges with niche SEO and tips for your digital marketing agency efforts.

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The Pros

Lower Competition Means Paying Reasonable Bid Estimates On Targeted Ppc Keywords

What’s nice about not having a lot of competition is that you aren’t fighting a lot of other companies for the top search results. In early 2018, Siege Media released the most popular searched non-branded Google keywords (excluding terms like “Craigslist” and “Amazon”) and the top most searched term is the “weather”, followed by “maps” and “translate”. While the Top 100 list of keywords is a great indicator of the current state of US consumer behavior, it can be nice knowing that you don’t have to compete with the weather.

It’s Easier To Target Your True Customers

Having clarity and focus in what you do makes it easier to form an SEO strategy because you are not trying to appeal to everyone. As a digital marketing agency, this gives you a chance to shine and display your creativity in your marketing and SEO efforts. Since you know the niche that you are marketing so well, then people will regard you as a trusted expert in this particular field. They will come to you for your insider knowledge that can also boost your digital marketing agency’s reputation and lead to increased business.

You Can Rest Knowing That You Don’t Have To Take On Every Project

When you know who you are and who you want as your customer or a client, then it relieves the agency of feeling like it has to take on every project. Saying no to people that fall outside of your mission and values can actually be quite relieving.

Less Competition Amongst Other Digital Marketing Agencies

Fortunately, if you are focusing on taking on clients in a certain niche then your only competition is other digital marketing agencies that also work within that niche. Since you’ve already set yourself apart as the experts in the industry, then prospects will naturally veer to you for their SEO needs.

The Cons

It Takes A Bit More Strategic Planning To Figure Out What People Are Searching For

Working within a niche requires a lot of testing and patience to see what sticks and keeps the attention of your clients’ customers. Unfortunately, by narrowing your focus to one specific group, you don’t get the experience and knowledge from a broader scope of SEO campaigns in a generalized field. Therefore, you have to take what you learned from previous campaigns in that niche and apply what worked, realizing that trends in SEO specifically may not apply to you.

Not Having Any Benchmarks From Competitors To Pull Ideas From

Having competitors can be a good thing in the sense that you can see what is working and not working for those in your field and then use that speculation to test against your own business. True, you can get some ideas from niches in other industries but it may be hard to determine how it can apply to your specific needs.

Lack Of Competition Can Actually Hurt Your Seo

Unfortunately one of the cons of a niche business is that it is easy to develop tunnel vision on your SEO and not pay attention to what’s happening in the overall industry. Therefore, if there’s a huge shift in technology, you may be the last to know.

Fortunately, the pros outweigh the cons of promoting a niche product or service. And as a digital marketing agency, you are in a good position to shine to your clients. Here are some tips for setting yourself apart in a niche market:

  • Stand out in your branding– Develop a brand that is edgy, fun, humorous, authentic, and worth remembering to someone who stumbles into your business.
  • Create good content– Blogging is a way to not only increase the ranking of your SEO, but prove that you’re an expert in your field and gain your customers’ trust. Fortunately, it can be easy for 3rd party copywriters to focus on niche topics and create original unique content that’s related to your company and stands out online.
  • Start testing in your local market and then expand- The best way to start promoting your brand is to begin regionally and see what sticks before branching out into other areas in online PPC and SEO advertising.
  • Expose your competitors’ weaknesses– What’s nice about having competitors in your niche is that you can see what they do wrong and then play off of that in your blogging and advertising.
  • Network, network, network…in person and on LinkedIn, Google+, etc.- The best way to stand out in your SEO efforts is to be active on social media to boost your reputation by gaining the trust of your peers as well as your customers. LinkedIn is a great professional network to be a part of as well as Google+ and Facebook.

The world of SEO, in general, is pretty competitive, but there are ways to stay on top of the trends and excel in your digital marketing services. Learn how al digital marketing agency in Atlanta can help with this process.

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