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DeLorean Car USB Hard Drive Fits 750GB Of Future Files

DeLorean Car USB Hard Drive Fits 750GB Of Future Files

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

As if the world didn’t already have enough awesome gadgets, we are continuously trying to find stuff that impresses us even more. It could be anything from a LEGO build to something a whole lot more advanced or retro. Since we are talking about retro, this might be a good time to say that there are few things that get us going as much as retro stuff. Retrofying a new gadget could potentially mean success. Just take the DeLorean car for example.

It’s one of the most legendary movie props ever created, and it has a special place in pretty much anyone’s heart who has ever watched the Back To The Future movies from back in the ’80s. There have been countless attempts to reinvent this memorable vehicle. Now the DeLorean car can even boast about being one of the geekiest hard drives on the market. This new DeLorean car USB hard drive is made available by Flash Rods, and it has enough detail on it to even be called a mastery piece of artwork.

The DeLorean car USB hard drive can fit up to 750GB of your future files which will enable you to bring them with you into the future. Some of us go for the more traditional hard drives. The boring ones. They are quite sleek, yes. However, when it comes to geekery, there is nothing geeky about a square aluminum box with one LED on the front of it. The only way to geek out is to get a hard drive, maybe a DeLorean car hard drive, that is able to inject a bit of inspiration into your day. You have to agree that being able to save all your important files onto a DeLorean car hard drive is way cooler than saving it to a boring, regular one. This badboy isn’t cheap though. If you want one you, can get it over at Flash Rods for $285.00 (not including shipping). It’s still a pretty nice price for such a geeky product. It’s handcrafted down to the tiniest detail as well. Mesmerizing! – This is an updated version that has 250GB more than the previous version.

Flash Rods’ DeLorean Car USB Hard Drive






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December 20th, 2013

Bought this car, in a few days de harddisk broke.. :-(

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